Dji Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone With Remote Controller, Gray

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DJI Mavic Pro:
  • Inside the Mavic's pocket-sized remote controller is DJI's brand new OcuSync transmission technology, with a range of 4.3 miles and Full HD 1080p video streaming
  • OcuSync is an all new DJI designed long range transmission technology capable of up to 4.3 miles of transmission range (unobstructed), HD 720p long range and Full HD 1080p short range video streaming — far surpassing the capabilities of any WiFi transmission system
  • Using Flight Autonomy it can see obstacles as far away as 49' in front, so that it can fly at up to 22mph while avoiding the things it sees
  • This obstacle avoidance system is activated in every Intelligent Flight Mode including all ActiveTrack modes, TapFly and Terrain Follow
  • If you use automatic Return to Home, it switches on too, so that as the Mavic makes its way back to you, it won't bump into anything in its path
  • FlightAutonomy technology means the Mavic can hover precisely in more environments and automatically land almost exactly where you took off
  • When you tell the Mavic to fly home, it will return to that coordinate, match the video and land back at your feet
  • Custom-designed high-energy density batteries, an intensely efficient optimized propulsion system and advanced power management systems give the Mavic a much longer flight time than you would expect from its compact size, capable of reaching an absolute max flight time of 27 minutes
  • In regular use, you can expect flight times of approximately 21 minutes
  • The Mavic is the only drone of its size to carry an integrated high-precision 3-axis mechanical camera stabilization system, giving you crystal clear photos and smooth videos, without losing a single pixel
  • Image stabilization and camera drones go hand in hand, because without it, your photos may blur and your videos will jerk
  • The Mavic carries an expertly miniaturized camera stabilization system known as a 3-axis gimbal
  • When you have a 4K sensor, you expect 4K results without compromises
  • Every shot you take with the Mavic Pro can be up to 4K, captured at 30 frames per second
  • Active Track uses deep learning, computer vision and advanced autonomous flight strategies to make complex, creative shots as simple as possible with just a tap
  • No GPS bracelets, no transmitters
  • The Mavic has been trained to detect and recognize a number of common subjects including people, bike riders, vehicles and even animals
  • Once you have marked your subject, you can fly around them to create a huge variety of shots depending on the mode you are in
  • Choose from Trace, Profile or Spotlight, to give every scene you shoot that professional touch
  • As the Mavic is tracking, you can even select exactly where you want them in the frame, for more control over your final shot
  • Every photo you take with the Mavic can be as big as 12 megapixels
  • Combined with an image sensor that has been expertly tuned for aerial images, all you need to do is find the perfect subject
  • You can even flip the camera 90 degrees for portrait oriented shots, just like you do with your phone
  • If you are as concerned about editing as you are about composition, you can capture every photo in Adobe DNG RAW to give you all the editing power you need to turn any photo into a work of art
  • Sometimes a phone is all you need to fly
  • Not only does the Mavic support flying on your phone with Virtual Joysticks, but you also have full access to all of its Intelligent Flight Modes — TapFly, Trace, Spotlight, Profile and Circle
  • Using just your phone, you can capture photos and video so incredible, that no one will believe you did it by tapping a screen